Getting ready for Christmas...

2011/11/16 11:54

OK so you saw the title ,this post is about making adorable clothes for the sylvanians .You can make dainty silky dresses using silky gloves and wooly shawls and polar necks out of woolly Winter gloves.All you need is a an old pair of gloves,sharp scissors,a needle and a spool of thread.

A polar neck.

  1. Cut out the pink part in this picture .
  2. You should have two of that pink part slightly stuck together .
  3. Turn it inside out now sew these together at the sides and cut them smaller at the sides if you really need to.
  4. Now turn it inside out so that the seams cannot be seen.
  5. Fold over the top middle finger so its like a real polar neck.
  6. Ta Dah there you got it,a cozy polar neck.It should look like this 

Oh and I used an old denim belt for the skirt.It all ready had a hem so no sewing for me!!!

Babies dress.

  1. For an easy babies dress use one of the fingers of the glove and cut two little holes in top half  like this.
  2. If you want a hat cut off the finger top.Its very cute on sitting babies.

If you have a light coloured sylvanian use dark colours and if its a darker coloured sylvanian like this one use light colours .

Have fun creating!!!