Have a Tour!

2012/02/02 19:13

Our second house tour! I want to keep record on this so that I can do a before and after. I will be writing down all the changes I made in the house so that everybody else will find it very easy to make theirs. This is a little plan I have that will hopefully by next year make doing up a dollhouse an easy job for everyone! Although I will leave some things up to the maker themselves so that everyone can use their imagination. After all it is much more fun when you know what to do but a bit of it yourself than when you are following all these long boring instructions. Now let me stop blabbering and instead let me show you 'Rosemary Cottage'!!!


Cozy yet spacious!!


Its always warm and merry in here. Can you smell maids beautiful cooking? I can.

The bought side of the kitchen. Everything here is bought (and delivered from Santa)

The stove and table are from a little dollhouse I got when I was younger but everything else is made be ME! Who wants curry? Or maybe salad or bolognese or CAKE!!!

 This room is half laundry room half kitchen! Can you see Harley's food under the table?

The bedroom

This is where the parents, Chloe and Charley sleep. Its definitely not as nice as the girls room but the parents do have a cozy blanket.

The bundle of clothes is as tall as the maid Cassandra! Most of them are bought but some are homemade!

The Girls (Amazing) Bedroom!

A bit of a blurry photo but its a lovely room! Can you see Charlotte down there with her blankets over her? She is camera shy so she wanted to hide under her blankets while I took the picture!

This is the girls breakfast, it looks DELICIOUS!!!! You can see Christina's book 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' made by me as well as her phone!

Here is a proper view of the wallpaper! I think its really pretty, do you?? You can see Harley here with his shoe. Who else heard that sylvanians had sylvanians? My sylvanians love sylvanians too!

Can you see Christina peeping out behind the table? I think I will have to find her more cover. Or maybe she is just pulling down her pillow to see the camera, she definitely isn't camera shy so it is possible.

The jewel on the necklace looks SO REALISTIC!!! Look at the way it shines...and shines!

Christina's pretty little dressing table. It is only party make up for girls here so NO INTRUDERS!!!!

Christina's bed is finally a private place!! YIPPEE! She loves all her dolls including the D.I.Y. one (You will learn how to make this by going to the D.I.Y. Doll Stuff part of my blog.).

Back home!

 Sadly your tour is over and you have to leave through the door that is STILL decorated in an X-mas wreath!

A Birds Eye View!

Just to give you a birds eye view of the house! Maid is finding it difficult to manage the kitchen with the camera around...she just burnt two cupcakes, a curry and a roll! Just don't get loud about it because she will get upset and well....you don't want to know or see or most importantly HEAR her. (She cries and screams like I don't know what)