Knitting the Classic Way!!!

2011/11/23 18:28

By classic I mean with one chewed knitting needle and a coloring pencil!!! You are probably wondering what I am talking about and why I wrote about this so I will just tell you. My sylvanians have been complaining all month about their beds being  'ithy and ucky' as Chloe says. She doesn't have many teeth yet so she finds it hard to speak. Charlotte just doesn't bother to speak properly because she has to          'mu oooov hewer mot a loh'!!! She speaks so primly in front of visitors though because she says that they give her sweets and say she is a lady when she talks properly. Now what were we talking about again???? Oh yeah the knitting with a pencil. Well just to prove that I did it I will show you the picture...

Ta Dah !!!!! I just realized that I forgot to post the cat post on my other blog.