The Secret Of Charlotte.

2012/02/19 09:59

I think you might have heard of my sylvanian baby, Charlotte. You are probably wondering why I brought up the 'sylvanian that wears a hat all the time'. Well its time I let people know why she wears a hat. You see it all began when I was 8 years old.

One dull October day me and my friend were playing sylvanians. We were playing with Charlotte (who used to be called Hannah) when my mum said it was time for lunch. My friend had to leave because it we were going somewhere after lunch and there was no point in letting her play sylvanians by herself in my house. I picked up all the sylvanians except Charlotte, who at the time had ears and was an adorable bunny. I thought that my friend had picked up her. I ran into the kitchen for lunch and forgot to close the playroom door behind me. I ate lunch and went to the place (I forgot where it was and what it was called). When I cam home I went to bed because it was late and the next morning I woke up to see a bit of broken plastic on the window sill.She had been attacked by the white wolf of Sylvania (my dog Harley). I picked it up and cried because that little scrap of plastic was...Charlotte. I cried for almost 2 hours but then my Nana came. She was very sad and sympathetic since she loved my sylvanians almost as much as I did and she was the one who bought Charlotte for me when I was 6 (I am 10 now). She helped me make a cute little hat for her. I think Charlotte liked it because she got so much attention and the comfiest bed to sleep in as well as billions of toys. Everything was great for her until I turned 8 and a 1/2. I was playing sylvanians and I went to play on the green when I came back she was gone. She was lost for a year and during that year I bought a new sylvanian who was going to be her sister. I was terrified that Charlotte was lost and I searched all over the house for her.At one point I thought she had been eaten or thrown in the bin. But the week I forgot about her we just happened to have a clean out of the playroom. I found her in a box full of dust so I decided to give her a little cleaning before the found party. And that is why Charlotte is my favorite sylvanian EVER!