CanaryMod and ScriptCraft Quick-Start

2015/01/31 21:56

CanaryMod has a lot of configuration options and its default configuration is very restrictive (compared to say - Bukkit; but there are good reasons for this - CanaryMod has built-in permissions management so it make sense that the default config is hardened). For example, players who join a canarymod server automatically belong to a 'visitors' group which has very few permissions. Visitors can't build or break blocks.

I recently added a new slash() module/function to ScriptCraft which lets plugin authors run other commands from their scripts. For example to create a startup script that grants extra permissions to visitors, create a file called init.js in the scriptcraft/plugins directory:

The above script will let visitors build and also execute javascript. It will also give opreator privileges to any players who join the game. You definitely don't want to allow this unless you're working with your own server and are only sharing with trusted friends.

There are a couple of other configuration changes you'll probably want to make to CanaryMod if you plan to use ScriptCraft for building or want to have a creative server. The following entries in the config/worlds/default/default_NORMAL.cfg file will make a flat world (good for building) with no monsters or villagers and with a default game mode set to CREATIVE.


You'll need to delete the worlds/ directory after you've made these changes so that CanaryMod will generate a new world with these settings.


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