2012/04/08 08:02

For your reading pleasure this fine Easter morning...

I saw Quora’s potential early on — it could have been a giant repository of information, a kind of interactive encyclopedia with views coming from everywhere. And certainly, there are still very interesting questions being asked (this one and this one came in my Quora weekly digest, and were pretty interesting). But it’s all being overrun with meaningless questions. Put simply, it’s just hard to filter through all the noise to get to the worthwhile content. That’s one reason why I visit the site maybe once a month, and just read the weekly digest instead.
-- Quora’s Demise : delwin campbell

... and this...

Finally, and this was the last straw, in the fall, when there was the smell of snow, we allowed six men and a girl-child of the Waterfall People to enter our home, all six hungry and weak, and I was asked if I could shelter two of the men in my already very-crowded cave, as if it was my job to teach strangers the ways of the Red Valley People, and asked to share my smoked deer meat—even though it was never made clear to me exactly how much smoked deer I should be giving to the People. That's when I began to wonder exactly why I had joined the Red Valley People.
-- Why I Am Leaving the People of the Red Valley (Ftrain.com)


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