Minecraft Mini-games using ScriptCraft

2013/01/27 14:56

Behold! The first minecraft mini-game written in Javascript. The mechanics of starting the game are a little crude I admit but the game has become a bit of a hit with the small sample of players who've played it so far. The game is called Snowball Fight (imaginative - I know) and it involves teams firing snowballs at each other. The aim of the game is to hit as many opposing team members as possible before the clock runs out. You gain points for hitting opposing team members and lose points if you hit one of your own.

The code behind this is tiny - at the time of writing - less than 100 lines of javascript. The aim here is to inspire kids (both young and old) to create their own mini-games so I wanted to start with something that's small and simple but still a lot of fun. I already have plenty of ideas for how this game could be improved and have another game in mind (pig-pong - teams must herd pigs into a pen using carrots).

Playing games can be fun but programming games that your friends will enjoy playing? - that's a whole different level of fun.


ScriptCraft, Minecraft, Javascript