More Right?

2012/01/26 15:03

John Gruber in jubilant form...

David Heinemeier Hansson, on the satisfaction of being a long-time Mac user:

Macs were (and are) just better. Not just because they were better built or put together, but because Apple was a better company. A braver company. A company that stood for higher ideals. When compared to the empire of Microsoft and the Dells, Sonys of the time, it simply felt like they were more right.
-- Watching Apple Win the World

For years, when Apple was down, they were held up as proof that making the best products didn't matter. The Mac is better than Windows and look what happened was the refrain. You still hear it today, anytime Apple slips even a notch. Look no further than yesterday's claim chowder of Henry Blodget. What's satisfying about Apple's current success is that it's proof that you can succeed wildly by focusing first and foremost on making great products. That design does matter.
-- Daring Fireball ... and a report on a recent explosion at a factory where iPads are made...

When workers in the cafeteria ran outside, they saw black smoke pouring from shattered windows. It came from the area where employees polished thousands of iPad cases a day.

Two people were killed immediately, and over a dozen others hurt. As the injured were rushed into ambulances, one in particular stood out. His features had been smeared by the blast, scrubbed by heat and violence until a mat of red and black had replaced his mouth and nose.

"Are you Lai Xiaodong's father?" a caller asked when the phone rang at Mr. Lai's childhood home. Six months earlier, the 22-year-old had moved to Chengdu, in southwest China, to become one of the millions of human cogs powering the largest, fastest and most sophisticated manufacturing system on earth. That system has made it possible for Apple and hundreds of other companies to build devices almost as quickly as they can be dreamed up.
-- Apple's iPad and the Human cost for workers in China It's not just Apple who use Chinese sweat shops, most big Technology firms use them. What I don't understand is the smugness and sense of moral superiority from the Apple faithful. I have 2 Apple Macbooks an iPad and an iPhone as well as two Thinkpads and a HTC smartphone, most of which were probably made in appalling working conditions in China. I don't see it. I don't see how Apple is more right than any other computer manufacturer using suppliers who exploit their workforce.