Otherwise-interesting People

2012/02/21 13:06

My FourSquare Rant caused a bit of a stir. There was the predictable 'Just use Filters' push back (which itself is a tacit admission that 4sq cross-posting is polluting the stream), but one interesting response which I can't tackle using Twitter was this one by Stewart Curry.

@walter thing about 'get off my porch' is that you've chosen to live near a load of loudmouths who are free to tweet what they want

Stewart Curry (@irishstu)

Twitter is great but debating the finer points of twitter etiquette requires out-of-band communication which is why I'm responding here. The implication is that I've no right to complain about 4sq tweeting friends because I've explicitly subscribed to them and therefore must take the bad with the good. Also implied (correct me if I'm wrong Stewart) is that if I don't like my friend's behaviour I should just unfollow. The problem with that is these 4sq tweeters are - aside from their 4sq tweeting - really interesting people. I'm already very selective about who I follow, which is why it pains me so much that some of these people have such bad habits ;-). Unfollowing them would be like no longer inviting friends around just because their aim in the bathroom is off. Is it verboten to gently cajole your friends' online behaviour? Is there no room for gentle criticism? To say "Hey FourSquare Jocks, stop spraying your 4sq mayorship spoor all over my twitter bathroom!" seems perfectly fine to me. It's a curious line of thinking that says we must accept a person for all they are - XBox Live achievements, GetGlue TV watching habits, and 4sq jockeying included - or not at all. I'd like Stewart to elaborate on in his blog. Personally, I'm not yet ready to give up on my friends while they can still be redeemed ;-) Update: Stewart responds...

Walter says that people who post their Foursquare checkins are like people who come to your house and piss on the seat. I'd disagree. It's like people who you've invited to your house telling you they were in Chapter One (Foursquare) and then watched Burn Notice (GetGlue) and how they love that Black Keys song (This is my Jam). If you're not interested, would you say "Hey stop telling me this shit, I don't care!"?. Seems rude.
-- The tweetings will continue until morale improves | Irishstu.com Blog We'll have to agree to disagree but teasing this out in anything other than long-form blog posts would have been frustrating. Much as I love twitter, it's not the best forum for teasing out the subtleties of twitter etiquette. There's something to be said for both points of view.