Pretend it doesn't exist

2012/03/07 11:08

Longtime blogger Jason Kottke recently redesigned his website. Like many bloggers, he's added Facebook Like and Tweet buttons to every post. All this social media cruft has really slowed down his site. When even high-profile blogs like Kottke become locked in the fatal embrace with social media widgets, you have to wonder. Meanwhile via Hacker News I came across this interesting nugget. A single Tweet (140 characters) page from Twitter has a 2 Megabyte payload! The signal to noise ratio is insane - 2 million bytes of Javascript, HTML, CSS & Images to deliver just 280 Bytes of information (I'm assuming twitter uses unicode - 2 bytes per character).

I get links to tweets by mail, etc. on a regular basis, and the aggressive anti-performance and apparent contempt for the web by Twitter's designers is probably the thing that gets me most irrationally riled-up on a daily basis. How does this pass design review? Who looks at a page this massive, this typically broken and says "go with it"?
-- bandwidth (tecznotes)

As I not only write this blog but also wrote the software which powers this blog, things can get a little bit 'Meta' around here from time to time. I think about how my blog should appear and work perhaps more than is healthy for me. I think in particular about all of the things I must leave out. This is a list of all of the things I must pretend don't exist in order to stay focused, sane and lean while writing online...

What do you have left when you pretend these things don't exist? The best writing tools available - your mind and a text editor. Everything else is noise.