Remove Duplicate Files

2012/03/03 11:12

The following perl script will remove duplicate files if called like this...

find . -type f -print | xargs md5sum | perl

This is the source code to

my %found = ();
foreach (<STDIN>){
    my ($md5sum, $filename) = $_ =~ /(\S+)\s+(\S+)/;
    if (exists $found{$md5sum}){
        unlink $filename;
        $found{$md5sum} = $filename;

How it works

find . -type f -print will recursively list all of the files (and only files - not directories) in the current and sub-directories. Find is preferable to ls -R because it shows the full path not just the filename of each file.


md5sum generates a unique hexadecimal number for each file based on the file contents (not the name), so find . -print | xargs md5sum generates output like this...

a64706500f2e04fff3f899cf2ed34a81  ./common/etc/src/xanadb.scm
ef7f6b820bd85332da4d1ccec9ff47f3  ./common/etc/src/ursulahiggins.scm
bcbec7e33ee5abede783f8139aa0179e  ./common/etc/src/grid-fade.scm
62998a51fd396328ab32040aff4da957  ./common/etc/src/erase-nth-rows.scm
f2a49e3c7c7387a9673e5b1963cb0f53  ./common/etc/src/
795fc0a4b93a53d0256ec26fc8a53f79  ./common/etc/src/
e35aa8e8a641f777c7ccb74ded527837  ./common/etc/src/

The perl script splits the output for each line into name-value pairs (where the md5sum is the name and the filepath is the value) and populates a hash or deletes the file if the md5sum has already been encountered.

I'm pretty sure this perl could be reduced to a one-liner or perhaps other unix commands could be used to achieve the same thing. I'd like to hear if there's a better approach. I've only recently begun to fully appreciate the power and utility of the find and xargs combination - shameful given how long I've been dabbling in unix. I've been doing some deep-diving into find and xargs options to the point where now if I want to perform a set of operations on a set of files I see if there's some combination of find and xargs that would do the trick rather than writing a perl script.

On OS X and FreeBSD, there is no md5sum command and the md5 command reverses the order of output for each line and adds some extra boilerplate which needs to be stripped. There are probably md5 options which will give output similar to linux's md5sum command. Update: You can email or leave a comment on the Hacker News thread. This is an unwieldy one-liner which does the same thing...

find . -type f -print | xargs md5sum | perl -nle '%f;($n,$v)=$_=~/(\S+)\s+(\S+)/;if($f{$n}){unlink $v}else{$f{$n}=$v}'

... ugh. Not pretty. Here is another example of using find and xargs to list classes in all jar files.


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