ScriptCraft Update

2013/03/09 17:11

I've been steadily plugging away at ScriptCraft these past few weeks. Fixing bugs, adding new functions, improving the documentation. I've just uploaded a new version which you can go grab at What I'm most proud of in this release is that AutoCompletion (Tab Completion) has gone from it-kinda-works to it-actually-works. AutoCompletion is one of those IDE features most Java programmers can't live without. Getting it to work for a live javascript environment is fun. To see it in action try the following....

  1. Fire up your CraftBukkit/Minecraft Server and connect to it from a minecraft client.
  2. At the in-game prompt type /js arr then press the TAB key.
  3. The command will change to /js arrows
  4. Now at the caret position type . (that's a full stop) and press the TAB key again.
  5. The command will change to /js arrows.explosive()
  6. You can cycle through all of the possible arrows methods by repeatedly pressing TAB.

... Pretty cool. No? (Side-note: If you're curious about what all of these arrows methods actually do, just execute one of them and equip yourself with a Bow and shoot an arrow to find out). Auto-completion is just one of those features that makes exploratory programming that much easier. For ScriptCraft, the Auto-Complete feature became a must-have when my two kids began arguing over what the arrows functions were called. AutoComplete isn't just for professional Java programmers equipped with powerful IDEs. Eager young minds, keen to learn programming should have as much help as possible from the computer.


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