- A new website for all things ScriptCraft.

2013/02/12 21:13

ScriptCraft now has its very own website. nor weren't available so I went with The name 'ScriptCraft' needs some disambiguation - it turns out there's an existing plugin for World of WarCraft with the same name. Whatever.

Maybe I'm getting old or just rusty but the process of setting up a new site seemed trickier. I haven't been able to bed down Apache on my new laptop yet and setting up and configuring Apache on Ubuntu is harder than I remember. Another sure sign I'm getting older, I began writing the index.html page in plain old HTML but quickly grew cranky having to write all of those opening and closing tags. Nowadays, writing for the web in anything other than Markdown seems pointless.

Anyway - I may put some ads on that website yet. It's important that there's a portal for all things ScriptCraft related.