2012/03/23 13:55

Dustin Curtis on his new hand-rolled blogging system...

A couple of months ago, after being irritated by the complexity and uninspiring nature of most blogging platforms, I decided to build my own solution to power It is codenamed Svbtle. The first interface I built just contained a simple list of articles with a “new post” form, like almost every other blogging management system ever created, but it has slowly evolved into something that has hugely improved the quality of my thinking and writing.
-- Codename: Svbtle by Dustin Curtis

... go read the whole thing if you're interested in how other bloggers work. Dustin uses Markdown and a minimal bare-bones (but stylish) UI for writing. His blogging UI is all about simplicity and zero distractions. He's decided to open up the software for use by a select handful of others. I've hummed and hawed about doing the same for my own (as yet un-named) blogging system but ultimately I just don't think it's ready for use by others (yet). What I can say for certain - I've been blogging a hell of a lot more since I began using my own home-brew system so there must be some merit in it.