The Witcher Books

2017/04/17 15:15

The Witcher videogame for PS4 was on sale recently for €17.99 on Playstation Network. It's been widely revered as one of the best videogames of all time so I went ahead and purchased. That was more than a month ago and I still haven't actually played it yet. That's because I can only afford to have one videogame addiction at a time and my current addiction is still Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Almost as interesting as The Witcher game is the story of how it was made. It was developed by a relatively small Polish Game Development Studio who by all accounts have been punching well above their weight. The games are based on a series of books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. I was frankly afraid to start playing this game based on what I'd heard about it. Given how much time I've ploughed into Metal Gear Solid, I could well see myself getting completely lost in The Witcher. Rather than actually play the game, I watched a couple of videos about it.

This led me to reading the books. They're good. They're very very good. If you like Game of Thrones, you'll love Sapkowski's salty fantasy world of The Witcher. The first book I read was 'The Last Wish' - this is the first book in which Yennifer (A sorceress who features in the videogame) makes an appearance. Also recommended is follow-up book 'Sword of Destiny' which features Ciri (also a character in the Videogame). Both books are collections of short stories which were written in the early 90s. The author seems to be ambivalent about the success of the videogame but its success has surely brought him more readers. Were it not for the videogame (which I still haven't played), I would never have heard of these books. Sapkowski's books deserve a wider audience. He's a good writer and the books are fun and entertaining. Highly recommended. I may even some day play the video game of the books.


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