Russell Beattie: Twitter is a Harsh Mistress

2012/02/23 10:15

Now, I've been a pretty regular Twitterer (which reposts to FB) for the past couple years or so, with at least 3 or 4 links or comments a day. I've made thousands of updates over the past couple years and well over 7,000 since 2006. So with regular updates, 1,680 followers on Twitter and 250 friends on Facebook, one might think that after a few days of silence, someone might @ respond to me with a "what's up", message me or simply email and ask where I've been.

A month later, and I didn't get a single message.
-- Posting into the Aether -

Russell Beattie is doing some serious soul-searching around his use of Twitter & Facebook. He's just turned 40 and is asking himself some hard questions. I've been reading his blog for close to a decade, so his latest post is tough to read - it's very confessional, even by Russell's standards. I'll be 41 in a couple of days, 40 seems to be the age we take stock of things.

Two years ago I went completely offline for a couple of weeks while on holidays. I was a little disappointed (but not surprised) to find no one had noticed my absence from Twitter. Go read Russell's post. It's a good one.


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