Walter Higgins

Tinkering with software and the web.

This is a recent (March 2006) photo of me. I don't normally look this sombre - it was a photo for a national newspaper so I was trying my best to look business-like. The photo appeared in the March 31st edition of the Irish Times newspaper in the business section. That's why I'm pictured next to my Laptop and mobile phone. All photo-ops involving web entrepreneurs (that's me) must include said entrepreneur's laptop and/or mobile phone - I think it's some kind of Tech Journalism Law. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo. March 31st 2006 was also the date my son Sean was born which is kind of weird - having your 15 minutes of fame and a half-page feature in the national newspaper on the day your son is born.

I am married and have two kids. I founded Sxoop Technologies, and I love making stuff with software. I have a personal blog and keep a company blog.