Exploding Arrows in Minecraft in < 10 lines of code.

2013/01/09 23:57

So anyone who's watched the Minecraft Documentary has seen @notch demonstrating how easy it is for him to add exploding arrows to Minecraft while he's running it in Debug mode. It's a compelling illustration of just how deep in the codebase he is and just how flexible Minecraft is. It's just a couple of seconds in the film - you see him tapping away at some java code, then switching back to the game to shoot some arrows which explode with the force of TNT when they hit their target. I was impressed. So I thought - what better demonstration of the power of ScriptCraft than to show how just a few lines of javascript code can add the same feature.

events.projectileHit( function(event){
    var projectile = event.projectile;
    var world = projectile.world;
    if (projectile instanceof Arrow && projectile.shooter instanceof Player){

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.


Minecraft, ScriptCraft, Javascript