An Open Letter to the Mojang Team

2014/01/12 14:25

TLDNR; Please make Javascript a first-class language for developing Minecraft plugins

A proposal for supporting Scripting in the forthcoming Minecraft Plugin API.

I'm really excited about the forthcoming Minecraft API. Not least because the people working on it are the same people who created Bukkit so they clearly know a thing or two about creating good APIs. What would make me even more excited is if Javascript was also officially supported as a first-class language for writing plugins. Minecraft has transcended its original medium. It's no longer just a game. It's a cultural phenomenon and for its huge community of server admins and modders - a platform. A platform desperately in need of an official API. The modding community is a ghetto. If you want to get started modifying Minecraft there is no clear path to doing so. Even for a seasoned Java developer like myself, it's bewildering and intimidating getting started. I can still remember those first overwhelming days last year when I began working on my own Mod (ScriptCraft). This hurts because if it's tough for a seasoned dev, imagine how tough it must be for younger people who want to try their hand at creating their own mods. I'm talking about children and young adults.

Minecraft has a huge mindshare among children and young adults. It is the first game that many children play where concepts like 'client-server', 'plugins' and other tech ideas are learned along the way. Minecraft is being successfully used in Education to teach all kinds of things. What interests me is using Minecraft to teach children programming.

Minecraft is written in Java and chances are the forthcoming API will be a Java-based API. Java is a fine language but some of the language concepts (Object Orientated Programming, Inheritance), overly verbose syntax, and tool-chain (IDEs - eclipse, etc) and the need to compile mean that Java is not an ideal language for those who want to 'dabble' or test the waters to see if Programming is interesting. The overhead and learning curve is too steep for younger potential-programmers. This is where Javascript comes in.

I've taken my kids to a couple of CoderDojo sessions over the past 2 years. CoderDojos are free and open volunteer-led environments which provide training in programming for young kids. Kids learn to program using Scratch and are also taught how to create their own websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The excitement about programming at CoderDojo sessions is palpable. Javascript is a comparatively easy language to learn, especially for younger programmers. Anecdotaly I can say there's a lot of interest in Modding minecraft at the coderdojo sessions I've been to. Kids are learning to program in Javascript. I imagine a lot of these same kids would like to use that knowledge to create cool Minecraft plugins.

The good news is that Javascript is bundled with Java since version 6, so any Java-based Application (like Minecraft) can - with a little effort - expose its API to Javascript. This is how my own Bukkit Plugin (ScriptCraft) works, it provides a Javascript-to-Java bridge to Bukkit's excellent Server API. ScriptCraft is a Meta-Plugin, a Bukkit Plugin that lets plugin authors write their own plugins in Javascript. This for example is how you add a new Bukkit event listener in JavaScript...

events.playerJoin( function( event ) {
  var player = event.player;
  player.sendMessage('Welcome to ' +;

... It's more succinct than the equivalent Java code and it doesn't need to be compiled. You just put the code in a .js file and drop the file in a folder and the code is executed whenever a player joins the server. Java bean setters and getters are optional in Javascript which is why player = event.player and works. The only thing provided by ScriptCraft in the sample code above is the convenience object events which provides a simple way to add Bukkit Event listeners in Javascript. Javascript has come a long way and systems like NodeJS with its adoption of the superb CommonJS Module System mean that large-scale modular systems can now be written in Javascript with little additional effort. Again, ScriptCraft has recently adopted the CommonJS module system so a ScriptCraft plugin (a bukkit plugin which depends on ScriptCraft) might look like this...


var bkEntityType = org.bukkit.entity.EntityType;
module.exports = function( location, entityType ){
   var world =;
   world.spawnEntity(location, bkEntityType[entityType]);

... and might be used like this...


var spawn = require('spawn');
var animals = ['COW','PIG','HORSE','SHEEP'];
exports.spawnAnimals = function( location, count ) {
   var i = 0;
   for (; i < count; i++){
      spawn( location, animals[ i % animals.length ] );

... and at the in-game command prompt (or from another module) you can use the farmspawn module ...

/js var farm = require('farm'); farm.spawnAnimals( self.location, 25 );

... This by the way is another great advantage Javascript has over Java - programmers can 'explore' the game API more easily by executing javascript (it's interpreted so no need to compile code) at the in-game prompt. I realise you're a small team and you're already under a lot of pressure to deliver an official plugin API. All I'm asking is that you consider Scriptability as an important feature of the API. Since Javascript is the only Scripting Engine embedded with Java 6 and 7 anyway, it should be possible to add official support. Further down the road, these are items on my wish-list for official Javascript support from Mojang...

Most of the above are already present in ScriptCraft today so please feel free to co-opt the features/source-code - it's all open source. To sum up. I wrote the Bukkit ScriptCraft plugin and from day one I saw it as just a stop-gap solution until Mojang officially publish a Plugin API and hopefully add supporting Javascript functions. I would like nothing more than for ScriptCraft to become redundant and for Mojang to officially support Javascript as a language to develop Minecraft plugins. This would make a lot of young budding developers very happy. A Javascript API for Minecraft Plugins would be rocket fuel for young minds. The Mojang Team have an opportunity to do something great here. I hope you do.


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