Rainbows and Giant Glittering Disco Balls in Minecraft

2013/02/03 12:13

Completely Heterosexual Minecraft Screenshot

I've spent a bit of time reworking the ScriptCraft Drone code to make it more versatile when it comes to anything with curves (Spheres, Cylinders, Arcs). There's a new rainbow() function which takes a single optional radius parameter. You can see the result of a /js rainbow(200) in the above screenshot - along with the result of a /js sphere0(42,120) - yes that's a 120 block radius perfect hollow sphere in minecraft - expect it to take a while to build and don't be surprised if you get disconnected from the server while that death star is constructed. I really like that screenshot even though - yes that Death Star does look kind of like a disco ball and everyone knows Disco music and Rainbows are... - wait a minute!

Next steps: Documenting all of this stuff using JSDoc. Meanwhile you should definitely check out what Chris has been doing with ScriptCraft - a WolfBot! Very cool. The very latest ScriptCraft source and binary.


ScriptCraft, Minecraft, Javascript